Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are very important when hiking or trekking. It is an advanced form of a hiking stick. The poles can be made from aluminum to make them collapsible and lightweight for easy storage, or they can be made from materials like carbon, carbon filter, pure carbon or titanium. You can get a trekking pole at most outdoor activity shops.

A trekking pole is very important for those who find trekking hard on their back or knees. A trekking pole reduces the weight on your legs and back. If you apply more pressure on the trekking pole, you will reduce the weight on your back and legs by at least 15 pounds.

This can be very important especially if you are carrying a backpack that weighs more than thirty pounds when hiking or using montem hiking sticks for very many miles. It is more effective using two trekking poles as it will give you more stability.

Before using the trekking poles, you have to make sure you adjust them to the right height for you. Some manufacturers recommend that the height of the pole should be adjusted to the terrain. However, this may prove to be unnecessary since it may be time-consuming and also unnecessary.

It is also very important to ensure that the wrist straps are placed properly around your wrists. You will also want to apply pressure on your wrist. Avoid gripping the poles with your hands as this will reduce the effectiveness of the poles.
When you are adjusting the pole, you have to make sure you equalize each section length inside the others so that one section is not extending more than the others. After adjusting the poles to your desired length, turn the lock grip in an anti-clockwise manner.

Trekking poles are very important especially when descending. When you are moving downhill, there is a large amount of pressure on your knees. Your quadriceps muscles may become fatigued leading to pain when descending.

The grip should be of good quality rubber so that they do not become slippery when they become wet. The trekking pole should be an adjustable loop so that you can hand them from your wrists while gripping other things.

The pointy end tip of the pole should be chiseled. The extra notches will provide a little extra grip on most of the surfaces. If you are using the pole on special surfaces like ice, you should look for more specialized tips.

Taking care of trekking poles in not as difficult as many may think since the poles are made of special alloys. However, some corrosion may appear if left unattended. The inner surface of the pole may corrode if left damp for a long period.

For every trekking trip you take, you have to make sure you have a trekking pole. This will increase your speed and reduce stress on your feet, knees, legs and back. It will also provide you with the stability to allow you travel for longer distances.